Where to Begin

Your new kitchen begins with a custom design based specifically on your ideas and the space available in your home. We'll meet with you in your home and do some old-fashioned listening to make sure we fully understand what you are looking for in your new custom kitchen. We believe that you know what you want — you just need a creative professional to help turn your dreams into reality.

We blend your ideas with our up-to-date knowledge and experience designing hundreds of kitchens. Our distinctive designs are combined with fine crafted kitchen cabinetry and materials to create environments that enhance the lives of our clients.

Our philosophy is quite simple — we provide design that reflects the personality and individuality of our clients. We execute design that is functional and aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining the architectural integrity of the home.

To fully understand our design capabilities, please schedule an appointment for us to come to your home. In the meantime, you will get a good sense of the work we do by reviewing examples of our work. In addition, you may wish to review additional kitchen design information on our Tool and Tips page.

Creative & Affordable Solutions

The foundation of your wonderful kitchen begins with creative ideas and solutions. Solutions extend beyond design ... they include your budget. If a wonderful design has been created for your kitchen, yet can't be completed within your budget, what then?

It’s our goal to avoid "what then?" Our 'affordability solutions' begin early on in the process. Understanding your wants, needs, desires and budget will assist us in finding the perfect balance where we can deliver the kitchen of your dreams all within your means.

Once we have designed your new kitchen and you have selected your cabinetry, countertops and other materials, it’s time to bring it all together with installation. We can accommodate your kitchen installation preferences any way you choose. The three most common approaches are:

Installation By Qualified Professionals

You may have been referred to us by your builder, contractor, architect or interior designer. We work regularly with a diverse base of trade professionals and are comfortable working with whomever you choose.

Let Us Suggest An Installer

We can provide you with the names of qualified installers for your new kitchen. Project coordination and payments will be between you and your installer. If you would like us to act as your liaison, we can provide Installation Facilitation as an additional non-inclusive service.

Homeowners Doing It Themselves

Occasionally, we find homeowners who are exceptionally skilled and want to do the installation on their own. If this sounds like you, we will work with you on design and selection, and then turn the balance of the project over to you.

Have Us Install It

Whether your desire is a turnkey installation, where we handle it all ... or a partial installation, we’re here to help. As your ‘GC’ (general contractor), we can facilitate demolition, disposal, new flooring, plumbing, electric, sheetrock, cabinet installation, counters, tile work, painting and more. About the only thing we don’t supply ... the appliances.

Regardless of which installation approach you take, we'll continue to be there to answer questions along the way. We will visit your home during the installation process as needed, answer questions, and make sure that whoever is installing your kitchen has what they need from us.


Thank you for considering Hankins & Associates, Inc. for your kitchen remodeling needs. Kindly review the process we follow to help navigate you from concept to completion of your new kitchen remodel.

1. Questionnaire

Please complete our Questionnaire which can be found under "Tools & Tips" below. These questions help us during the design, planning and budgeting phases of your new kitchen. They often aid the homeowner in further understanding their wants, needs and desires. Kindly have this form ready for your in-home consultation.

2. Consultation

The initial In-Home consultation offers an opportunity for introduction and the ability to learn about your project, assess your needs, possibly discuss potential design concepts, educate you on our services and products and finally determine how best to proceed. This initial consultation, within 45-minutes of our office, is provided without charge. Please be prepared to discuss your project budget and timing (when you'd like it completed by) during this meeting. The information we gather, along with our thorough site measurements and digital photographs will assist us for all phases of your new kitchen. You should expect this meeting to last not less than 1.5 Hours. Again, please have your completed Questionnaire available for this first meeting.

3. Presentation

This is our opportunity to present a conceptual schematic overhead view that we've prepared for your evaluation. This preliminary drawing serves as the springboard for your design direction and helps in the continued dialogue for the project budget. During this meeting we'll also discuss cabinet styling, construction and materials, counters, appliances and more. By this time you should have a good idea of "who we are", what we are capable of doing for you, and for (approximately) how much. At this time a commitment from you by way of our Design Agreement investment will be required to proceed further.

4. Selections

We'll help guide you in choosing your new door style, wood specie and finish based on both design and budget. Certain appliance parameters (not necessarily final manufacturer and model number) should be identified by this time. Though knowing appliance and sink equipment size and function is necessary during the design phase, the actual make and model numbers can follow shortly. Your counter surface options may also be selected at this time, and no later than 1-week prior to the installation. When final selections haven’t yet been made, allowance figures may be used for budgeting purposes.

5. Contract

With all information in hand, selections made, the final pricing will be completed and presented to you together with the final design plans and contract. A project deposit, less any applicable Design Agreement investment, will be due to proceed.

6. Order

Your cabinetry and other related components are then ordered. Cabinetry lead-times, subject to the manufacturer chosen, can range from as little as 4-weeks up to 12-weeks (plus shipping). Once your cabinetry order is placed, no changes can be made without financial penalty and delay. A delivery date will be provided once the cabinet manufacturer has provided the final order acknowledgement. You should order your appliances and sink equipment promptly, providing us with a copy of your invoice for reference and confirmation purposes.

7. Installation (when we provide it)

We'll give you a heads up on your start date as the delivery week approaches. Your actual start date may vary based on the completion of projects ahead of yours in our project queue. Though we make effort to be timely, delays do sometimes exist. When we arrive for the start of your new kitchen installation, your existing cabinetry should be empty and ready for removal. Your refrigerator needn't be empty, as we can move it full to a nearby room for your use during the installation of your kitchen. If there’s anything that you wish to save, be it cabinetry, counters, appliances, fixtures, etc., please make sure the installer is aware if this — we suggest using "Stick Um" Notes to identify items to be saved.

During the installation of your new kitchen there are occasions where slight changes are desired or sometimes required. Changes and/or additions will be communicated via email and executed upon receipt of signed Addendum/Order. Please understand that changes may cause delay in the production/installation schedule.

8. Payments

Payments are 'Due in Full' upon receipt. Addendums and Add Orders, unless otherwise specified, shall be due upon receipt and at time of signing. Delay of payment shall be grounds for work stoppage. Thank you for taking the time to review and acknowledge "Our Process" form that has been created better establish expectations between you the client and Hankins & Associates, Inc.