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Hankins & Associates, Inc. still offers the same design expertise and cabinetry of fine quality and enduring value since 1992.

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The Best Kitchen for Our Busy Family – K.C, Doylestown, PA

“A very active family, we live in our kitchen.”

When we first moved in, we really liked our kitchen. It served our simple needs as we settled in with our tiny family. Then, as our family grew, the kitchen became the hub of all our family activities — from breakfast through dinner, from homework to gatherings with family friends. We realized everything was happening in our simple kitchen, and wanted it to be so much more.

We met with Jerry, who carefully listened to our needs, dreams — and budget. He understood that a busy family like ours lives in the kitchen. Today, the only thing our kitchen lacks is a revolving door. And we probably could have had one installed if we’d asked! Our kitchen features:

  • Beautiful cabinetry that looks like furniture, yet durable enough for our kids.
  • A place for everything — all of our dishes and glasses, cookware, utensils and gadgets.
  • Incredibly beautiful granite counter-tops that not only look great, but will endure our active family.
  • A huge six-burner gas range-top and a large capacity 48-inch refrigerator.
  • Customized storage space for each of our kids to put their own stuff away — they love it!

Now, as we live in our kitchen, the kids can do their homework while we prepare dinner. We can proudly entertain guests in a warm and beautiful environment. And we can enjoy a cozy Sunday breakfast with our children. Our kitchen truly is the heart of our home

vig2-lgFinally, Our Dream Kitchen – G.M., Huntingdon Valley, PA

“As empty-nesters we had specific desires.”

Through the years and with the many moves and changes, one thing remained the same: Our kitchen was always the busiest room of the house and took the most wear and tear. Once our kids were raised and out on their own, we decided to finally build the kitchen of our dreams where we could cook fantastic meals together, and enjoy the company of our friends and children’s family when they come for visits. We had some ideas of what we wanted and didn’t want, but weren’t quite sure how to pull it all together.

We called Jerry — and he was great! First, he listened to us and really understood what we wanted. He asked a lot of questions and made us think about things we really had not considered. We did have a budget in mind, but most of all we wanted to be sure that when the dust settled we would have the kitchen we wanted. Jerry designed and built our new kitchen, which features:

  • Gorgeous furniture grade custom cabinetry with meticulous detail.
  • Drawers that open fully and close effortlessly … and do so quietly.
  • A beautiful walnut island with a custom finish that my husband and I worked on with Jerry to develop.
  • Cleverly concealed refrigeration storage.
  • Ample pantry storage and fantastic appliances.

Today we have a wonderful kitchen that makes every day a joy — and opportunities to entertain a special treat.

vig3-lgWhy Wait if We Can Fit Excellent into Our Budget!? – C.F, Yardley, PA

“We were just starting out and on a budget.”

Our first real house caused us to stretch a bit at first, but then we started to find a little breathing room in our budget. Our kitchen really needed work, but we didn’t think we could afford it. We started looking at two of our local home centers, but weren’t excited about having to put it all together ourselves. The home center sales people drew pictures that just looked like boxes in a room. They didn’t seem to understand what we needed—they missed the wow.

Then close friends suggested we talk with Jerry at Hankins & Associates. We had some ideas, but there were things we weren’t sure about – especially on our budget. We learned so much from working with Jerry. We were surprised that we could get solid woods, wonderful finishes and plywood boxes within our budget. Our beautiful kitchen features:

  • Solid cherry cabinetry with dovetailed drawers.
  • Beautiful granite on all our counters.
  • Roll-out shelves, hidden trash, and appliance panels.
  • Plenty of storage — that’s clever and purposeful.
  • Design ideas that no one else thought of!

We can’t believe we have such a great kitchen that we really love – and that we got it within our budget. We tell all of our friends that they really don’t know what they can do with their kitchen unless they ask. And we happily recommend that they invite Jerry over for a friendly conversation.

vig4-lgGlad Our Competitors Don’t Know about Hankins & Associates – B.W., Gladwyne, PA

“The cabinetry is always a precise fit.”

When we first started our construction business, we used to buy cabinetry from our local lumberyard or from a distributor we talked to on the phone. Then we heard about Hankins & Associates. We checked out Hankins & Associates online and were delighted to learn that they do a lot of design and cabinetry work with businesses such as ours. Here’s what we learned:

  • They handle all of the details for us — THAT saves us time and money.
  • They meet with our clients and work with them to design the kitchen and baths that the homeowners desire, while staying within a predetermined budget.
  • But now, for about the same price, we get so much more with Hankins & Associates.
  • Although we only purchase the cabinetry from Hankins & Associates, we get so much more. For example, they do all the site measurements; provide detailed plans and elevations, help and guide us through all the details, and also provide us with the kitchen lighting plan.
  • When it comes to the installation, they meet with our installers to review the plans and place the cabinetry.

Ever since we started using Hankins & Associates, our kitchen and baths have been hassle free, allowing us to focus on all the other details of building a whole home and keep our client happy. Our clients are always happy, which wasn’t always the case before. Hankins & Associates offers a great selection and really help my clients understand their options. My guys like installing a Hankins kitchen because everything fits. And if we ever have questions, Jerry is accessible. Working with Hankins & Associates makes me look good. But please, don’t tell my competitors!

vig5-lgThey Help Me Make the Dream Reality – M.S., New Hope, PA

“The design was creative and uncompromising.”

As an architect, I am inundated with kitchen professionals who would like to have my clients’ business. The fact of the matter is that there are few I am really comfortable enough with to bring into our client relationships. Hankins & Associates is a great partner. Here’s what we like about working with Jerry:

  • When it comes to selection, he has everything for my clientele.
  • Whether it’s replicating furniture detail or creating something truly new and exciting, Jerry is uncompromising.
  • Jerry understands scale and proportion.
  • He’s sensitive to the architecture of the home and doesn’t undo all the work that I’ve done with my client.
  • His plans and detailed drawings are great to work with.
  • Hankins & Associates sends us dwg or dxf files that we can integrate into our own design plans—it saves us so much time.
  • He makes what I think may be impossible possible.

When it comes to working with a kitchen firm, we find that Jerry helps us bring it all together. We are delighted that there are no surprises with Hankins & Associates. His expertise and passion are obvious, and is commitment to professional service is second to none.

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